NYC Professional Headshot : What is the Right Price?

So you have gotten three years older. Congratulations. It beats the alternative. Now you need a new head shot. Why? Because your online clients and prospective employers expect you to look as you do day to day and who looks the same every three years? A NYC Professional Headshot shot in the classic style no longer needs to cost you an exorbitant price. Gone are the days of $150 land lines for your phone right? Who pays long-distance any more. Same goes for a simple NYC Professional Headshot. Where once make up and a long wait for the film to return from the lab are long gone and so too are the large fees that were so important for a person to know all the skill set to expose the image correctly without fail and over see the process. Let’s be real however. The most important aspect of the process still remains. A photographer that understands exactly how to direct and arrange the capture so you look fantastic. What we like to do is capture NYC Professional Headshot’s within 15

NYC Professional Headshotminutes and move on. We set up in 15 minutes we shoot in 15 minutes and we get you a viewing gallery in about the same amount of time of you provide an onsite WiFi. You choose your final and we get it to you within the hour if you need or later in the day. A NYC Professional Headshot has come a long way, call  or text us today and  get on the shooting docket for today for your Corporate Head Shot.

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Get Your Corporate Portrait Right

How to get your corporate portrait right is never a hard question to answer.

Paying the right price however is another story. We specialize in shooting one corporate portrait after the next all day long in a simple classic style. We use single light source and can shoot on black to white back ground. We focus on the most elegant and simple details and then make sure we have you covered on both sides showing death and without. Our volume allows us to pass the savings on to you. Review our work and realize you can pay more or call text us now and get that head shot to do off your list and move on to social media or the job interview with confidence.

Get Your Corporate Portrait Right

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Corporate Portrait



New York Business Head Shot

New York business head shot’s is all we shoot. Day in and day out. We don’t make them fancy. We make them classic. There are two simple rules to follow and you will never go wrong when seeking to get it done fast, professionally and with value. Single light source and a cleanCorporate Head Shot background. Add natural retouching and a value price with same day delivery and you have the recipe for optimized corporate photography and a very functional New York business head shot. All services have fallen in cost value. Hundreds are no longer needed when it comes to a solid classic New York business head shot.

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NEW YORK corporate HEADSHOT photography

A simple New York City  corporate headshot / executive portrait / business photo should not take all day or be very complicated nor expensive.  We have used the same classic single source lighting for years to very good effect.  You are going to be pleased with our same day service. We accommodate advanced Corporate Head Shotbookings as well. We shoot in your office or at our  lower west side studio. Fifteen minutes is all it takes. It’s unlimited shooting and unlimited copy rights for your use. We deliver an online viewing gallery same day. Same day selection of your final made by you get’s your selection file optimized and delivered that day or early evening electronically. If the headshot samples you see above and below are to your liking call or email and let’s get you up and going with a clean, simple business headshot today. We deliver all finalized files high & low resolution and in avatar sizing for immediate web use.





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